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Digital Voltmeter Circuit

2015-01-15 04:33  
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DIY Digital Voltmeter Circuit

Adigital voltmeter circuitis a circuit used to measure the voltage of electrical devices and circuits. For the measurement probes are typically equipped with black and red in negative and positive polarity. The measurement results are shown in figures showing the amount of voltage that is being read.

The accuracy must be greater than a digital voltmeter compared with an analog voltmeter. The accuracy or resolution is usually displayed in the form of the number of decimal places. This can be taken into consideration if you want to determine the type of display you want to use, whether it be LCD or LED only.

ICL7107 Digital Voltmeter Circuit Diagram

As follows is a digital DC voltmeter circuit, which is good for your DIY home project. Thisdigital voltmeter circuithas a resolution of one decimal place for measuring the voltage from 0.1V to 199. 9V. For it is only required four pieces of seven segments LED display.

ICL7107 Digital Voltmeter Circuit

ICL7107 Digital Voltmeter Circuit

Parts List:

R1 = 8K2 R1 = 8K2
R2 = 47K / 470K R2 = 47k / 470K
R3 = 100K R3 = 100K
R4 = 2K R4 = 2K
R5, R6 = 47K R5, R6 = 47k
R7 = 0R / 4K7 R7 = 0R / 4K7
R8 = 560R R8 = 560R
C1,C5, C6, C8, C9 = 100n C1, C5, C6, C8, C9 = 100n
C2 = 470n / 47n C2 = 470n / 47n
C3 = 220n C3 = 220n
C4 = 100p C4 = 100p
C7 = 10-22u C7 = 10-22U
D1, D2 = 1N4148 D1, D2 = 1N4148
IC1 = ICL7107 IC1 = ICL7107
IC2 = NE555 IC2 = NE555
OPTO = CA 10 pin FTA = CA 10 pin

Digital voltmeter circuitbased on single ICL7107 chip and can be mounted on a small PCB board 3cm x 7cm. The use of 7805 5V voltage regulator is highly recommended to prevent damage to the ICL7107.

PIC12F683 Digital Voltmeter Circuit

Here is a simpledigital voltmeter circuitusing a PIC12F683 microcontroller. The voltage measurement range is 0-20V DC, and the results will be displayed on an LCD display.


PIC12F683 Digital Voltmeter

PIC12F683 Digital Voltmeter

Source code is available if you want to build one. Digital voltmeter circuit of this project has not yet issued a PCB for it. One thing is certain; the PCB from the digital voltmeter would be very compact and small. [link]

Similarly, the resources that are helpful to build a digital voltmeter You can visit the link above, if you want to know more how to make it based on thedigital voltmeter circuit.

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