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Digital volume control using CD4067

2015-01-12 01:13  
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Digital volume control circuit using the IC CD4067. Required to operate the voltage regulator circuit to 12 volts. IC1 (555) is very good to serve as a flip-flop. Frequency or period can be determined by memilh resistor values R44, R45 is combined with the capacitor C6. In this series has a period of 0.3 seconds. IC2 is used to raise or lower the calculation. In the circuit mode is used to lift up and down this mode is used to decrease the volume. Meanwhile, IC3, and IC4 has 16 channels, while functioning as an analog multiplexer analog switches. IC3 in the circuit is used as an indicator levels while IC4 is used as a potentiometer. The following is a schematic drawing:

DigitalVolume control1 Digital volume control using CD4067

When switch S2 is pressed, nuts IC2 and the output increase response in the form of legs B, C, and D in CMOS IC2. Output B, C and D control input line IC2 and IC3, and choosing one, 16-channel output, with analog light. In this circuit, IC4 is used as a potentiometer 15 connected to the resistor (R9 to R23) each of the 16 input pins and resistor / capacitor combination with C2, C3 and R7 to the output. Switch S2 is used to raise and switch S3 is used to decrease the volume. Electrolytic capacitors of 1uF (C4) is used to prevent noise. While resistors R8 and R6 is used to inhibit the voltage at half the supply voltage to avoid distortion audio signal originating from the Preamplifier. While capacitors C2, C3 and resistor R7 is provided to filter the audio.

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