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Introduce active bandpass filter

2015-01-12 15:07  
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Next, we briefly explain the active bandpass filter. As we all know, an active bandpass filter is the filter structure is simple using an operational amplifier as the active device configuration simulated inductance or so-called "gyrators". Active band pass filters are mainly used in the audio frequency where otherwise inductor size will become unacceptable. That there are many different types of active filters, including high you pass, low-pass, band-stop and there are many reactions include multiple feedback bandpass (MFBP), dual amplifier band pass (DABP), the state variable bi four all-pole  circuit  . Interestingly, all known as Butterworth filter response and Chebyshev may be synthesized. Below we have provided an active bandpass filter circuit diagram for your reference.


Figure 1 – an active band pass filter