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LTC1407 Analog to Digital Converter Pin Configuration and Da

2015-01-14 03:45  
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This is the top view picture ofLTC1407/LTC1407a Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) Pin configuration. According to theTHe LTC1407 pin diagram and datasheetdatasheet, LTC1407 are 3Msps sampling ADC with two simultaneous differential inputs, the devices draw only 4.7mA from a single 3V supply and come in a tiny 10-lead MS package.

And here are the detailed ofLTC1407 Analog to Digital Converter Pin Configuration:

Pin 1.  CHO , Noninverting Channel 0.
Pin 2.  CHO -, Inverting Channel 0.
Pin 3.  Vref, 2.5V Internal Reference.
Pin 4.  CH1 , Noninverting Channel 1.
Pin 5.  CH1-, Inverting Channel 1.
Pin 6.  GND, Ground.
Pin 7.  Vdd, 3V Positive Supply.
Pin 8.  SDO, Three-State Serial Data Output.
Pin 9.  SCK, External Clock Input.
Pin 10. CONV, Convert Start.
Pin 11. Exposed Pad

Get and download the LTC1407 datasheet for further detail of applications (source: linear.com)