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New Three Axis Digital Accelerometer(ADXL312)

2015-01-18 07:28  
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This article describes the New Three Axis Digital Accelerometer (ADXL312). The principle is very simple, very practical. The circuit components can help you understand better grasp this principle. For example, in this circuit, you can go to find and buy these components: ADXL312.Analog Devices Acceleromter 

Check out this new low profile three-axis accelerometer introduced by Analog. Analog Devices has integrated the sampling analog to digital circuit into the device. The digital interface options for this device areSPIor I2C. This accelerometer can measure acceleration up to 12G with high resolution (13 bits). This device is also great for measuring tilt, the resolution of inclination is as little as 0.25 degree. Applications for this device include, car alarm systems, any system needing to measure tilt, or any system requiring acceleration from motion or shock.


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