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On-off control SCR with logic gate IC

2015-01-18 22:00  
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This is an SCR control circuit with digital logic. The behavior of the circuit. The input A to control current for SCR turn ON.The input B will stop the current SCR (OFF). Set the two input signals to a logic “1″ to control, and it asked them to different times.
The control SCR to conductors. When input A is logic “1″ IC1a will return to a logic “0″. The C1 is charged from a positive light, through R3, The IC1b to the logic “1″, the output pin. This is a mono-Stable, a pulse of logic “1″, the value of C1, R3, Through the diode D1.The only positive voltages. The trigger pin through the gate of SCR.The R5 limits current to the gate too.

When the SCR is triggered, it will conductors (ON) and hold. The trigger voltage is changed. The positive voltage drop R6, pass catode and anode pin of the SCR are the voltage across R7. Which is greater than the voltage drop across R6. Because the resistance of R7 is over. It makes the Q1 bias, making driving LED1 light flow.
When to stop the current SCR (OFF), then the logic “1″ at input B. C2, R4 together with the mono IC1d Stable Multi Vibrator The router will generate a pulse of logic “1″ into one. The pin control of the IC2, an electronic circuit switches.
The electronic switches, to tap the power. Pin contacts, the anode of SCR switch the pin to ground. Anode voltage drop across the grounding pin is set to 0V. Immediately stop the conduct conditions, this SCR. Q1 is OFF along with the LED 1 turns off.Can be used to cycle ON and OFF control of the SCR. For example, a driver transistor Q1 is off LED1.

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