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12v Battery Load Cutout Circuit -- August 23, 2009

2016-05-10 08:03  
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12v Battery Load Cutout Circuit --  August 23, 2009
Lead-acid batteries should not be discharged below a certain point if they are to last. Also, you don?t want certain 12v powered devices, which might be plugged into a car?s cigarette lighter outlet, to drain the car battery down to a point where the car?s engine will not start. To prevent battery damage or a dead battery, the circuit below disconnects a load from the battery when the voltage dips below a fixed but adjustable voltage and will not reconnect the load until a reset button is pressed. To keep the whole circuit efficient and compact, a medium current rated p-channel FET forms the power switch. A 8.2v zener diode forms the voltage reference while a second 15v zener diode acts as a transient voltage protector. Source: discovercircuits