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A practical battery charger circuit

2016-05-09 23:59  
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 This article is to explain a practical battery charger circuit. The circuit is simple but effective. For your more thorough grasp of this principle, we suggest that you can know more about some of the important components of the circuit, for example: LM 317,1N4002 , B80C2200. This circuit consists of two parts, chargers and adapters. Transformer, rectifier bridge and the buffer capacitors are common. The adapter is simple its body part is a LM 317 adjustable voltage regulator according to the usual settings. The output is a plug for the camera. You can adjust the voltage range 2 - 9 V. In 7805 charger circuit voltage regulator is fixed to the constant current generator charging. The charging current can be adjusted with the 100/1 w potentiometer at a distance of about 50 - 300 mA shows a small current gauge. From one to four batteries can be charged simultaneously. This switch must be set according to the number of batteries, rechargeable battery current given by the manufacturer must be adjusted. This circuit does not measure the charge time and battery condition.

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