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An effective nickel cadmium battery charger circuit

2016-05-11 17:30  
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This article is to explain a valid nickel-cadmium battery charger circuit. The circuit is simple but effective. For your more thorough grasp of this principle, we suggest that you can know more about some of the important components of the circuit, such as: 1N4148,  BD140 . This simple charger using a single transistor as the constant current source. Voltage bias on the basis of 1 n4148 diode BD140 medium power transistor. Base - emitter voltage of the transistor and the diode forward voltage drop across the relatively stable. The charging current is about 15 or 45 horses and horse switch off. This is most suitable and 9 v 1.5 v rechargeable battery. Transformer secondary rating should have a 12 v AC 0.5 amps, the main should 220/240volts for Europe or North America 120 VAC. 

Nicad Battery Charger



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