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Charger for Motor Vehicle Storage Battery (the 7th)

2016-05-10 04:44  
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Work of the circuit The circuit consists of power circuit, pulse producing circuit and constant current charging circuit. (It is showed in picture 7-152.) Turn on the power and the 220V AC voltage produces +15V voltage. The voltage is supplied to V and VU through R2 and R5. At the same time, GB begins charging. Change the value of RP2 and RP3 to change the charging current. If the value of current is larger than the limited value of RP1, the pressure on V4 decreases. So the charging current is limited in a certain range. Put S1 in the discharging position and S3 in the 50V position. Then turn off S2 and string a load between the poles of GB. At this time, GB is discharging. Put S1 in the charging position and turn on S2. Put S3 in the position of 250V. link the positive pole with the outputting positive pole. link the negative pole with the outputting negative pole. Then connect the 220V AC voltage to make it work.