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Clairvoyance charger (6V storage battery multi-function char

2016-05-10 11:51  
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Clairvoyance charger (6V storage battery multi-function charger circuit)
The Clairvoyance charger circuit is as shown in figure 2-8, the unidirectional thyristor VS1 is used as the charge current tube of the storage battery GB, the VS2 can cut off the charging current when the storage battery is charging. When the power supply is charging, the relay K operates, the contact point 3 is connected with the contact point 2, the trigger port of VS1 gets the trigger voltage from the R1 and VD1 to conduct, the rectifier current charges the storage battery GB through the VS1. When the storage battery GB is charged to the set voltage, the VS2 conducts, so the VS1 trigger port point A's electric potential is lower than the cathode potential of VS2. VS1 cuts off, the storage battery GB stops charging. The LED can be used to show the charging.