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Dry Cell Battery Charger using LM741 and IC4011

2016-05-11 02:05  
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This is Dry Cell Battery Charger Circuit. That can use charger battery get that about 12 hour. When apply to power supply 9 volt the equipment that fix in the circuit use for size battery AA. If use the size C or D should devalue of Resistor RX down be 68ohm and should not lead battery come to serial while voltage in cell battery lower 1.6V. The Comparator Circuit with (IC741) control Gate output from Pulse Oscillator at use the integrated circuit CMOS 4011 change Transistor that do infront charger battery until voltage tall 1.6V Comparator Circuit more make LED Flasher warn know for protect Charger battery expire. The next time is if friends have Dry Cell Battery that use be finished already , don’t abandon , try apply new again yes.

Dry Cell Battery Charger using LM741 and IC4011

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