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Emergency light using 6V battery cell automatic charger circ

2016-05-10 17:58  
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Emergency light using 6V battery cell automatic charger circuit 2
If it works forlong hours, its fever is serious, and it is easily to be destroyed. It is easily tolead to over-charge to cause the prematurely dry of electrolyte and shorting the battery life. For the shortcomings, the author changes it to auto-charger. After using six months, it works well. The circuit is shown in the above diagram. Principle outline It offers reference voltage for the base of T1. Relay J can achieve self-locking and automatic power off. When it is connected to the battery, K is pressed, power indicator L is lit, meanwhile J is energized and pulled in, K is self-locked by its contact J-0, and charging is starting. At this time, battery cell is under electrical, so T1 emitter voltage is less than (7.5V +0.65 V), T1 is cut off, T2 is also cut off, and this has no effect on the T3. When the battery voltage is charged to 7.5V, Tl emitter voltage is 7.5V +0.65 V, T1 is saturated and broken over, T2 is also broken over, T3 is cut off because its base voltage is dropped down, J is lost power and release, J-0 is cut, charging is stopped. Indicator light L goes out. It can charge to different voltage battery by adjusting W.