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Four-channel single battery independent charging automatic c

2016-05-09 15:12  
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Four-channel single battery independent charging automatic charger circuit
The feature of this charger is that it can independently charge the four-channel single battery, each channel has a automatic control charging circuit, and four red LEDs indicate the charging status respectively. The city electricity is reduced by the transformer T, one channel is rectified by VD1, then it is filted by R1 and C1, stabilized by VD4 to output the 4.6V stable voltage through the R2, C2 secondary filter, this voltage is used by four channels of control circuit; another channel is rectified by VD2 to supply the four channels of half-wave pulse current for the charging. In the figure there is only one channel of control circuit, the other channels are the same. The control manifold uses the quad comparator LM339.