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Homemade Battery Repair

2016-05-09 23:20  
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Market for the sale of an electric car battery repair, by the use effect is not obvious. Analysis of its circuit structure, found to repair high-voltage high-frequency pulse depend on the oscillator circuit and the self-inductance of the boost coil. Frequency limit of the self-inductance of the boost coil can not do great, but for the internal resistance and a small battery in terms of its static under the high-voltage pulse is added to the battery on its amplitude becomes very low. Therefore, the restoration effect of the battery is not obvious.

Access to and demonstrated the correctness of the battery repair basic principle, since a few design a transformer regulator, 555 Circuit adjustable pulse tube oscillator drive CMOS high performance repair. Completely overcome the defects of the self-inductance of the step-up coil circuit, was used to effect good. General use for nearly 3 years old battery repair can be effective for a day, to repair more than three days can be restored to 70% of the rated capacity (plate damaged battery can not be repaired).

Homemade Battery Repair
This circuit fixes the charge of dual-use. Repair the transformer multi-tap transformer, for different voltage battery. From 3v to 36v battery can be repaired. It must be noted that selected repair battery voltage range is twice the battery voltage. 12v battery to choose a 24v transformer file such as repair, fix 36v battery to choose a 60v transformer file, but the pulse width potentiometer must be adjusted to a minimum (ie a current minimum). Charging the same voltage stall transformer option appropriate to adjust the pulse width of the potential allows current to charging current.

This circuit is suitable for simple homemade ammeter 5A range, shunt can be used to 1 mm2 enameled wire wound own required length by a multimeter with the measurement of actual current and header swing position to determine.