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Low Battery Disconnect and Memory Backup Circuit in the ADM6

2016-05-10 23:27  
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The following figure shows you with Low Battery Disconnect and Memory Backup Circuit Diagram of the ADM666A.ADM666A Low Battery Disconnect and Memory Backup Circuit DiagramADM666A is alinear voltage regulatorsfeaturing a maximum quiescent current of 9 mA which is suitable for for battery powered systems in addition of Handheld Instruments, Pagers, and LCD Display Systems applications.

In thisADM666A Low Battery Disconnect Circuit, the circuit monitors the battery voltage and disconects it from the circuit when it drops below the preset value for preventing damage to the battery and lossing data (memory backup)because of over-discharge condition. The addition of diode D2 is for isolation purpose, as the D1 compensating voltage drop across D2. It is recommended inthe ADM666A datasheetthat D1 and D2 must be in thermal contact in order to perform better output voltage accuracy. The mounting of surface mount Schottky diodes provide best temperature tracking performance when mounted in close proximity of each other.

Have complete informations regardingLow Battery Disconnect and Memory Backup Circuit Schematic, here in the ADM666A datasheet or in its application note (source: analog.com).