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Minitype lead-acid storage battery adjustable charger circui

2016-05-10 06:09  
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Minitype lead-acid storage battery adjustable charger circuit
Operating principle: The circuit is as shown in the figure 3-8. This circuit is composed of the charging control circuit, the sample comparison amplifier circuit, the automatic shutdown circuit. The charging control circuit: the 220V city electricity is transmitted into the transformer T1 through the switching component S1, and the transformer secondary stage outputs the 18V AC voltage, this voltage is rectified by the bridge circuit which is composed of the VD1-VD4, so we get the 100Hz pulsating DC voltage. The sample comparison amplifier circuit: the power supply is the voltage which is rectified by VD1-VD4, and it is stabilized by R2 and VD5, then it is filted by C1 to get the 12V voltage, the benchmark voltage is supplied by VD6.