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Nickel cadmium battery automatic charger and discharger circ

2016-05-10 17:35  
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Nickel cadmium battery automatic charger and discharger circuit
Charging process: if you set the switch S to position 1 , and put the batteries into the battery clip, then connect the power, the pin-2 of TL082 has the voltage of 3V, but the pin-3 voltage is lower than 3V, the pin-1 outputs the negative voltage, BG cuts off, J has no current, the normally closed contact point J1 closes, the power charges the battery through the R8, S2, J1. When the battery voltage is higher than 3V, the output voltage of pin-1 is positive to conduct the BG, J gets power to cut off J1, the charging completes. At this time the pin-3 of TL082 has the higher voltage which is supplied by R8 and S2 to maintain J's conduction until the power is cut off.