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Pager battery low voltage circuit is introduced

2016-05-11 23:18  
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This article explains the low battery voltage pager circuit description. The circuit is simple but effective. For your more thorough grasp of this principle, we suggest that you can know more about some of the important components of the circuit, such as: CA3160 . This circuit provides an audible and visual low voltage warning 12 v battery-powered devices. When the battery voltage is above the set point (typically 11 v), the circuit is idle. If the battery voltage should be below the set point, LED will light and the speaker will emit warning beeps periodically precarious power. This circuit is designed for monitoring the solar system, but it can also be used in cars and other 12 v applications. U2, provides a 5 v regulator reference. A comparator is connected, U1, relatively fixed voltage regulator 5 v wipers, proportional to the VR1 12 v supply. When supply is below the set point, the output is low, open U1 Q1 and drives the buzzer and light. Tone generator, U3, low duty cycle pulse generator. Tone can be changed by adjusting R7, beep rate can be changed by adjusting R5. A small amount of lag is determined by the current through R1 and LED1 and pagers, this separation points and closed circuits. 



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