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Prolong Your Battery Life using MOSFETs in the Battery Backu

2016-05-11 22:57  
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Battery backup and battery charging are two modes ofbattery backup circuits. The circuit below shown a simpleBattery Backup Circuit Diagrambattery backup circuit using low treshold MOSFET device in order to gain better efficiency in addition ofvery lowvoltage drop resulted by theMOSFETs that will prolong battery life, and meet battery voltage limitations.

You require the following component selection to design thisBattery Backup Circuit: 1N4001 Diodes (D1-D5), standard 1/4 watt, 5% tolerance Resistors, dual comparator LM393N for U1, 5 Eveready nickel cadmium cells battery in series, and TN0604N3 low threshold N-channel DMOS transistors for their low on-resistance at low gate drive. You can modify this circuit with an added features such as battery backup mode indicator, low battery voltage early warning, or battery shutdown indicator with a microprocessor in more complex systems.

Another benefits of low gate threshold MOSFETs, battery charging and backup circuit description and operation, calculate the maximum charging current, and circuit diagrams of the modified battery backup circuitry can be fully read in the following MOSFETs Article ofProlong Your Battery Life using MOSFETs in the Battery Backup Circuit(source: supertex.com). Or maybe you want to browse another sections regarding Battery Management in this blog.