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Standby operation circuit for battery

2016-05-12 03:13  
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Standby battery circuit

Standby battery circuit

Welcome back to Free circuit dot com ,today i would like to show you with simple circuit that will find many applications as emergency power supply for low power requirements. It consists of a transformer, a rectifier bridge and an electrolytic capacitor followed by a zener, which controls a transistor in serial order. The output is stabilized to 7.5V. The spare battery 7.5V, in series with D7, floating on the edges of the exit points, ready to take in case of failure (interruption), the main supply. The voltage drop at the edges of D7, will reduce the output voltage from the battery voltage to about 7V. The R3 has a special function during the operation of main power lets a small stream flows to charge the empty data slowly or maintain an already charged battery. It is right that the resistance can be found by dividing the voltage difference between the zener D6 and battery, to secure a stream of leaks, which can amount to some 0,7 milliamps.

Electronic Part List

D1=5V6 /0.5W Zener
RV1=10K trimmer

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