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USB Battery Charger Components and Circuit using LTC4053

2016-05-11 22:23  
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The schematic herein shows a minimum component solution to the USB battery charger using LTC4053 IC to achieve a fully compliant USB charger. This IC is a standalone linear charger for lithium ion (li-ion) batteries that can be powered directly from a USB port, according to the datasheet.

usb li ion charger circuit schematic

The operation of the USB Li-ion charger circuit using the LTC4053 is simple, accordingly. The resistor on the PROG pin sets the charge curent, capacitor on the timer pin sets the termination timer period, and float voltage is preset at 4.2V. For fully compliant USB charger, it needs only five components including the LTC4053.

Complete details onUSB Battery Charger Components and Circuitcan be seen in the LTC4053 datasheet (source: linear.com).