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USB Battery Replacement by LM317

2016-05-11 18:48  
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My wife likes to listen to more music. But my son likes to play computer games a lot. At home we have a single computer. When ours son play game. The mother does not listen to music from our computer. Now the small mp3 player is very inexpensive, it can be used as a listening experience. But it need a battery 1.5V for power source, that Often, the battery low power. I edit the problem by creating a circuit. The power adapter is USB Battery Replacement to convert USB ports 5V voltage down to 1.5V. So I used the ever popular IC no. LM317 is longer time.
In this circuit we use only three pieces, R1 = 470 ohm, R2 = 100ohm. To create a very simple.

USB Battery Replacement by LM317

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