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USB Charger Battery Li-ON Circuit

2016-05-10 07:47  
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here is usb charger circuit for you. this circuit used usb port to charge battery li-on. USB port capable of supplying a maximum voltage 5.25 V with a maximum flow of 0.5 A. Therefore, the above series can only be used to fill a Li-On Battery only. As LM3622 controller IC is used. IC’s main function is as decisive end and a battery charging. The LM3622 is a charge controller for Lithium-Ion batteries. This monolithic integrated circuit accurately controls an external pass transistor for precision Lithium-Ion battery charging. The LM3622  provides a constant voltage or constant current (CVCC) configuration that changes, as necessary, to optimally charge lithium-ion battery cells. Here is a schematic drawing:


USB Charger Battery Li ON Circuit 400x159 USB Charger Battery Li ON Circuit

Features IC lm3622
Versions for charging of 1 cell (4.1V or 4.2V) or 2 cells (8.2V or 8.4V)
Versions for coke or graphite anode
Precision (±30mV/cell) end-of-charge control
Wide input range: 4.5V-24V
Low battery drain leakage: 200nA
15 mA available to drive low cost PNP

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