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Voltage Level Indicators for battery Using LM324

2016-05-11 14:24  
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This circuit is a circuit diagram of an indicator to show battery voltage 12 volts. Working principle of this circuit is the battery voltage compared with the reference voltage. By using the LM324 IC, which is a type LM324 Low Power Quad Operational Amplifier, so that the circuit this time is to use a single IC chip. The output of OP-amp, then connect with the C9013 transistors, these transistors act as switches to turn on and turn off the LED. Voltage level indicated by four lights led. For ease of reading led arranged in a vertical array. Selected the top three headed green LED while the lower was the most selected red color. If the battery voltage continues to decline (because of usage), then-Led Led will die in sequence from top to bottom. Until the battery when the voltage is below 11.83 volts then the red led light only means that the battery charges. Red LED will die if the program continues until the voltage falls below 11.5 volts. The following is a schematic drawing:

Voltage Level Indicators for battery Using LM3241 Voltage Level Indicators for battery Using LM324

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