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5A H-Bridge Module Pinout Circuit Schematic for Bipolar DC M

2016-05-19 07:06  
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The schematic herein appears a5A H-Bridge Module for the working of one Bipolar DC motor.

h bridge module for DC motor circuit design

H-Bridge Module consists of one set header (J2) and one set connector terminal (J1). The J2 interface header functions as the interface input to the digital input-output and analog output from the H-Bridge module. And here are the J2 pinout description of H-Bridge module interface:

1. Pin 1 : MIN1 – pin input for defining MOUT1output
2. Pin 2 : MIN2 – pin input for defining MOUT2 output
3. Pin 3 : MSATAT1 – digital output reporting modul’s fault
4. Pin 4 : MEN – Enabled pin for H-Bridge Output (MOUT1 & MOUT2)
5. Pin 5 : MCS – Analog current output (0-2.5V range output)
6. Pin 6 : MSLP – input pin for H-Bridge (High logic for full operation mode, Low for Sleep Mode)
7. Pin 7,9 : VCC – 5V supply for both digital and motor power supply
8. Pin 8,10 : PGND – Reference point for the input supply

Complete details on5A H-Bridge Module Pinout Circuit Schematic for Bipolar DC Motorcan be seen here :http://www.innovativeelectronics.com/innovative_electronics/download_files/manual/EMS_5A_HBridge.pdf