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Bridge Complex Oscillator circuit

2016-05-16 20:41  
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The Wien bridge is a type of bridge circuit that was developed by Max Wien in 1891.The bridge comprises four resistors and two capacitors.Bridge circuits were a common way of measuring component values by comparing them to known values. Often an unknown component would be put in one arm of a bridge, and then the bridge would be nulled by adjusting the other arms or changing the frequency of the voltage source.This complex oscillator circuit uses a photocell and common-mode-suppression circuitry to achieve distortion of 0.0003%. This oscillator circuit replaces the lamp in the traditional Wien bridge with an electronic equivalent.A Wien bridge oscillator is a type of electronic oscillator that generates sine waves. It can generate a large range of frequencies. The oscillator is based on a bridge circuit originally developed by Max Wien . The bridge comprises four resistors and two capacitors. The oscillator can also be viewed as a positive gain amplifier combined with a bandpass filter that provides positive feedback.


Wien-Bridge-Based Oscillator With Very Low Distortion