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Bridge type voltage regulator circuit using voltage regulato

2016-05-18 04:44  
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Bridge type voltage regulator circuit using voltage regulator tube
The circuits in diagram (a)~(c) can have very high voltage-regulation coefficient. If voltage regulator tube's internal resistance rz is constant, it has infinity voltage-regulation coefficient when the bridge is keeping precise balance. The circuit load in diagram (a) is connecting on the bridge diagonal line. When the middle point on the voltage regulation range is satisfying the condition of R1/rz=R2/R3, the resistance of this circuit is about rz+R3. In order to drop down the voltage loss of R3, output voltage must be equal to voltage regulator tube's working voltage. The circuit in diagram (b) is particularly suitable for stable low voltage. Output voltage is approximately equal to the difference of two voltage regulator tube's working voltage, Uz1-Uz2. Output resistor is rz1-rz2+R3. The circuit in diagram (c) is only suitable for the situation when the difference value between input voltage and output voltage is very small. The working voltage of two voltage regulators tube is better to be equal. Two resistors R2 and R3 should be the same too. Selection of R2, R3 is middle of working area.