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Full H Bridge 10A IR2104 H Bridge Mosfet IRF540

2016-05-18 03:51  
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I return h bridge development mentioned in other threads.

This is to control a DC motor and 7.7 A free atrancado.4.5A 12v.

Now I've done with the IR2104 half bridge driver n channel mosfets IRF540 and

I chose these components to be readily available and good benefits for me to understand, but that remains to be seen, so I turn to you.

IR2104 &  IRF540
Voffset 600V max. VDSS 100V
IO + / - 130 mA / 270 mA RDS (on) 0.077 ohms
VOUT 10 - 20V 28A ID
ton / off (typ.) 680 & 150 ns
Deadtime (typ.) 520 ns

IR2104 Features
• Floating channel designed for bootstrap operation
Fully operational to +600 V
Tolerant to negative transient voltage
dV / dt immune
• Gate drive supply range from 10 to 20V
• Undervoltage lockout
• 3.3V, 5V and 15V input logic support
• Cross-conduction prevention logic • September Internally deadtime
• High side output in phase with input
• Shut down input turns off Both channels
• Matched propagation delay for Both Channels
• Also available LEAD-FREE

The input is pin 2 and pin 3 is disabled.

The entrance is in phase with the output for the upper half puende.

When we apply this logic 1 saturate our top MOSFET HO, and will cut the bottom MOSFET LO.

Habitlitar for exits must have a logical 1 (whether you 3.3,5 or 15 V as required by the spec sheet) shutdown pin 3.

If the shutdown pin is logic 0 dehabilita the 2 outputs, regardless of the stage 2 input pin.

Logic driver
Shutdown Input LO HO
      0 0 = high impedance
      0 1 = high impedance
      1 0 = 0 1
      1 1 = 1 0

This is the behavior of the driver, and the logic that avoids possible short between + and -.

Now a very important fact:

To generate the gate voltage to the MOSFETs 2 requires extra components, a diode and a capacitor.Y should send a pulse, in this case use a pwm 4kHz, 1N4001 diode and a capacitor 1uF. <- These values ??were almost at random (using the oscilloscope) d, do not check anything the spec sheet. (<- I have doubts in this step, there should be an estimate).

If no pulses are sent the driver generates no voltage.

Full H Bridge 10A IR2104 H Bridge Mosfet IRF540