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MC33886 IC H-Bridge Pinout Description and Datasheet

2016-05-14 21:38  
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Thepinout schematic of MC33886 H-Bridge ICis illustrates in the following picture. According to the datasheet, the MC33886 IC incorporates internal control logic, charge pump, gate drive, and low Rds(on) MOSFET output circuitry whichh bridge mosfet circuit diagramis ideal for fractional horsepower DC motor and bi-directional thrust solenoid control.

And here areMC33886 IC H-Bridge PinoutDescription:

1. AGND – Low current Analog signal ground
2. FS – LOW Fault Status
3. IN1 – True Logic input control of OUT1
4, 5, 16. Vpwr – Positive power source connection
6, 7. OUT1 – H-Bridge output 1
8, 20. DNC – test mode pins, connect to ground in the application
9-12.  PGND – Device high current power ground
13. D2 – Active LOW input to simultaneously tristate disable both H-Bridge outputs
14, 15. OUT2 H-Bridge output 2
17. Ccp – External reservoir capacitor connection for internal Charge Pump
18. D1 – Active HIGH input to simultaneously tristate disable both H-Bridge outputs
19. IN2 – True Logic input control of OUT2

See complete details of monolithic H-Bridge IC in the MC33886 datasheet.