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MSK4205 H-Bridge PWM Motor Driver Equivalent Circuit Schemat

2016-05-18 01:19  
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The circuit diagram bellow appears theequivalent schematic ofMSK4205 100V 30A H-Bridge PWM Motor Driver/Amplifier.It is such a complete H-Bridge microcircuit intended for use in DC brushed motor control application.

h bridge motor driver equivalent circuit diagram

This H-Bridge PWM Motor Driver device are used for typical applications such motor control, reactive loads, and piezo elements. The pinout information of this MSK4205 is provided as follows:

1.  CLK IN                     7.  ISENSE B
2.  CLK OUT                 8.  B OUT
3.  PWM                      9.  VS
4.  – PWM/RAMP         10. VCC   
5.  GND/CASE             11. A OUT   
6.  ILIM/SHDN             12. ISENSE A

(source: mskennedy.com)