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Two Wien Bridge Low Frequency Signal Generator Circuit Good

2016-05-18 03:00  
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Two Wien Bridge Low Frequency Signal Generator Circuit Good for Self-Made
Low frequency signal generator is usually used for commissioning and maintenance in electronic productions. The two circuits introduced here both have high performance and are easy to be made by ourselves. In the figure, the two 100kΩ resistances and two 1600pF capacities decide the oscillator frequency of RC series and parallel frequency selection circuit, and the calculation formula is f=1÷(6.28×R×C). If the unit of R is kΩ, that of C is μF, then the unit of f is kHz. So we can get different oscillator frequency if we change the number of R and C according to the calculation results. In the figure, the chosen frequency in RC circuit is 1000Hz. What should be paid attention is that in series and parallel circuit, the two resistances and capacities should have the same value. These two circuits are easy to start up and have good wave forms. And they have reliable performances. With these advantages, these two circuits are always called Wien Bridge Oscillatory Circuit.