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Two Wien Bridge low-frequency signal generators for self-mad

2016-05-18 03:31  
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Two Wien Bridge low-frequency signal generators for self-made
Low frequency signal generator is the common equipment for electronic production debugging, maintenance, here are two circuits, the performance are very good. The two 100kΩ resistors in figure and two 1600pF capacitors determine the oscillation frequency of RC series-parallel selective circuit, it is calculated as f = 1 ÷ (6.28 × R × C). If the unit of R uses kΩ, the unit of C uses μF, the unit of f is kHz, so changing the value of R and C according to the calculation, then you can get a different oscillation frequency. The frequency of RC circuit diagram is l000Hz. It should be noted, the value of resistors and capacitors in two series-parallel network must be the same. This circuit has the advantage of easy startup, good wave and reliable work, it is often called the Wien Bridge oscillator circuit.