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Venturi Bridge Oscillation Circuit of LM377

2016-05-18 07:05  
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Venturi Bridge Oscillation  Circuit of LM377
The picture 1 is Venturi bridge oscillation circuit of LM377.In the circuit,VT1 is used to limit the amplitude of the oscillating circuit and C3 and C6 are isolation capacitances.C5 is used to prevent high frequency oscillation.The series loop circuit composed of R2 and C2 and parallel loop circuit composed of R1 and C1 constitute postive feedback circuit.It can determine the oscillation frequency of the circuit.R10,R4,R6 and VT1 constitute negative feedback circuit and decides the limiting amplitude of the circuit. When it is 10 KHz,the circuit distortion rate is lower than 1% and the distortion rate can be improved via adjusting the resistance value.According to the circuit parameters,the effective output voltage is 7.5V when it is 60Hz.