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Car Voltmeter Circuit Description

2017-01-15 08:41  
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This article describes a car voltmeter circuit. The circuit is simple, inexpensive, and effective. As long as Duokanjibian The schematic can master the principles of it. This circuit is for technical exchanges. Automotive voltage tester is based on three parts. The input circuit is an analog to digital converter (IC2  CA3162E ). The purpose of this chip is a sample an analog voltage, converts it to a decimal value of the reading of the display / decoder driver (IC1 CA3161E). This chip will pass each segment display driver transistor Q1 - Q3. Power comes from automobiles and converted to 5-volt 5 volt regulator. This circuit works as follows: 10 uf capacitor charging voltage by car. Its value is then read from the IC2 and a decimal value, the voltage supplied to the display unit IC1 Multi three theaters screening field. Each display shows turn-on sequence and its corresponding value. Transistor Q1 through Q3 control car to each seven-segment display. By monitoring the voltage with a precision automotive multimeter can adjust the "zero adjective" pot and "Gain adjective" pot is an accurate reading. Led 1 and 2 are optional. They can be used to display the power-on or cut can illuminate a display saying "volts." This module consists of a plastic, a thin plastic cover with the word "V" cut it. The LED will be installed in the module.


Voltage Gauge


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