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Car adaptor portable CD player

2017-01-18 00:24  
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Here is the car's portable cd player adapter simple principle. Its steps are as follows: 12 v cigarette lighter socket to 9 v Use a CD player. Different CD player (I have a Sony Walkman) may require a different voltage, so long as the correct regulator. All 78 xx series regulators have the same pin out, so the circuit common.
U1 1 7809 or other regulatory agencies: Do you need a CD player , a voltage regulator to determine what to use. 9 v, with 7809. 6 v, use 7806. Is not possible to use 5 v 7805. Remember, regardless of regulatory agencies to use, you will need to sink it. Metal or metal cover case makes a great heatsink. I built the circuit in a small case with a long wire cigaratte lighter plug one end out, and then another, slightly shorter than the other end of the wire out of a CD player. Triple check your wiring. You're gonna hate destroy an expensive CD player, because you canceled the connection or connections regulatory bodies together.



cdsupply portable cd player adapter for car