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Car auto-dimmer

2017-01-15 11:38  
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The automotive automatic dimmer circuit switch makes headlamp state, the feeling is being oncoming car lights. The detector uses a lens of low and high light receiving direction. Using a relatively large amount of hysteresis circuit is to prevent the build `flash.

Car auto-dimmer 

Hysteresis is D41K3 parallel between the collector and the emitter, the drive 22 megohm resistivity maximum conversion rate is limited to 0.1? ¥ capacitor 15/minute's. The sensitivity is set to about 0.5 foot candles at the transistor (0.01 in the lens), from 22 megohm resistor Rl, R2 resistor divider. Relays: 12V, 0.3A coil: 20A, C-type. 16A stationary contacts or cold filament inrush 160a solid state switches. rating.lens, the minimum diameter of 1 `. Located about 10? Viewing angle.


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