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Car temperature indicator circuit

2017-01-17 11:53  
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12 V Automotive Systems LM2904 power dual operational amplifier circuit built around. Interior temperature indicator circuit is used to represent two different temperature water when the temperature reaches the trigger point open LED. Top of the thermistor connected to the non-inverting input terminal of LM2904. Thermistor is connected in series with the 10 KSI resistance from the ground to a positive 9.1 V point. In these inputs the voltage variation with temperature changes in the resistance value of the thermistor.

Car temperature indicator circuit 

In each of the inverting input LM2904 reference or threshold trigger point setting 10 KFI resistor and 2 KFL potential series between 9.1 V regulated voltage. Exceeds the threshold value when the non-inverting input LM2904, TIL220 LED lights. These two trigger points can be recalibrated or at different temperatures by adjusting the trip setting of 2 k? In each section, a potentiometer. In addition to being used as an alarm lamp, as shown, the circuit can be added to turn the fan motor, or activate a relay.


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