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Musical car reverse horn circuit

2017-01-17 11:03  
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Here is a simple circuit that will produce a musical horn when ever your car is in reverse gear.The circuit uses two ICs for the operation, voltage regulator 7805(IC1) and musical tone generator UM66(IC2). The IC1 reduces the car battery voltage to 5V. The diodes D1 & D2 in combination? produces an additional? drop of 1.4 V to give a 3.6 V supply for the UM66. The supply voltage of UM 66 should not? be more than 4V. When ever the car is in reverse gear ,the reverse gear switch of the car gets activated and the circuit gets connected to the car battery. The UM66 starts playing the music tone. The transistor T1 amplifies the output of UM66 to drive the loudspeaker.

Circuit diagram with Parts list.





Assemble the circuit on? a good quality PCB or common board.Place the circuit on a waterproof place in the dashboard.The switch S1 is the reverse gear switch of the car.Before attempting the circuit,have? a good idea about the electrical wiring of your car.A wrong connection may damage your car’s electricals.The transistor Q1 is not very specific.Any medium power NPN? audio transistor will do the job.You could easily find one from your electronics junk box.
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