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Quality music sound in the car

2017-01-17 11:04  
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It is obvious that for most of drivers car is more than transportation vehicle. Sometimes people spend hours in the car everyday and listens not only news radio broadcast, but also listens music. To have good quality music sound in the car require more than good speakers and power amps, but also some smart solutions are needed to make it sound better.

In the current time there are plenty publications on how DIY good car sound system at home. But again even best power amplifier do not guarantee that car music will sound as Hi-Fi class. Main problem is bard installation of audio-system inside the vehicle. In many cases speakers are installed where ever they fit in the car. But there is also no clear answer where it is the best place to install speakers and how. The most common mistake is to place powerful high quality speakers in the rear shelf while in front position por speaker are installed or not at all. Such audio system installation gives a feeling line he is sitting back to scene.

First of all it is important to keep in mind that purpose should be not to install more powerful audio system with poor characteristics, but to install audio system with wide dynamic characteristics for listeners who sits in front seats of the car. So first solution of this is to install dynamics in proper front place.



It is ideal when distance to left and right speaker is at same distance from listener. It is obvious that it is not always to do this because driver and passenger are sitting in the right or in the left side of the car. But it can be done with sound full or partial reflections from front window as in drawing above.

To construct such audio system may look a tricky task, but results pays off. Not many will dare to cut car floor in order to install speakers so in reality speakers are placed in side doors and panel.

Car panels allow to install speakers in quite high position but speaker diameter is limited to 10…13cm. Such speakers aren capable to cover the dynamic range of music sound. Typically low frequency sound is missing very high frequency as well. Small dynamics of high freq may be placed on front window stands.

Low frequency and coaxial speakers usually are placed in the car doors, because doors have some closed volume. But investigation shows that results arent as good as expected. Fact is that naturally when music is recorded low frequency instruments usually are placed in the center of orchestra and other music signals on left and right. But when low frequency basses are in side doors 100…150Hz phases attack each other in middle of car and quality of sound drops. When dynamics are placed in lower panel direction of sound is better, but sound picture is too low and it seams that you are listening music from above.

According to upper discussions we can come to conclusion that best result may be reached when music sound frequency bands are separated and seeded in front position of car. Narrow band speakers should be placed in such positions so they could be most effective. One of good low frequency speaker placing is under front seats with directions up. Middle frequencies in front panel or upper position of the door. And high frequencies should be placed on side front window holders a€“ so that sound could reach the ear directly.

To get full bass 100…120Hz or even bellow require speakers with quite big dimensions. If not subwoofer used, then lowest frequencies are limited to 100…120Hz. If you need lower, then subwoofer is needed . Usually subwoofer is placed in car trunk. It is good to have ability to adjust subwoofer frequency characteristics because each car salon has different characteristics.

In order to get a good sound depth there also center channel used in car audio systems. Center channel power should be no more than 10% overall system power. Signal can be taken from left-right channel or sum or difference or even combination. Center channel usually is connected through a filter:



There are many discussions about cables used in audio systems. One general rule which is important is that voltage drop on a cable shouldn’t exceed 0.1…0.2V.

Damping the spurious resonance of sound elements is also important and improves quality of overall sound. Damping material should be used in all places where speakers are installed. Especially take care off panels. Resonance usually disappear when surface area is 25% covered with dumping material. Also don’t forget about road noises. If you want really good quality you should cover salon floor with sound resistant material a€“ especially where tire areas are.

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