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SD MMC card fits in floppy connector

2017-01-16 08:33  
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As SD and MMC cards are popular because of their simple SPI interface. It is ease to interface SD/MMC cards using any microcontroller. SD/MMC card storage may serve in many purposes like data logging storage , voice data banks, or store other information. There are a lot of free drivers available for for microcontrollers likeProcyon AVRlibwhereMMC/SD Card Interface (SPI mode) is supported a€“ just take and use it.

Main problem of using SD/MMC cars in your home projects is that card sockets are quite expensive. Rob Wentworth discovered that 5.25a€? floppy connector fits SD/MMC card pins and can successfully be used for your projects.

5.25in_floppy_connectorTo prepare connector you will only need a pair of scissors and so some rewiring of cable.


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Prototype cheaper!

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