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The ultra-sonic safety alarm of car travelling

2017-01-15 23:35  
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The working principle of the circuitThe ultra-sonic safety alarm circuit of car travelling consists of the ultra-sonic wave detector, PLL audio decoder, trigger audio circuit and audio amplifier output circuit, see as figure 7-129. The ultra-sonic wave detector consists of the the ultra-sonic wave emitter B1, ultra-sonic wave receiver B2, transistor V1, resistors of R1 and Rll-Rl9, potentiometer RP, capacitors C9-Cl2 and the op-amp integrated circuit lC4(Nl-N3). The PLL audio decoder consists of the audio decoder circuit IC1, resistor R2 and capacitors C1-C3. The trigger language integrated circuit consists of the resistors R3-R7, capacitor C4, transistor V2 and audio integrated circuit IC2.