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Theory of Land Cruiser 70 Light Cross-country Car Engine Con

2017-01-15 02:03  
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Figure: Theory of Land Cruiser 70 Light Cross-country Car Engine Control, Ignition (22R-E,22R motor) 13 a fuel injector; 14 an electronic fuel injection systems (EFI) Main relay; 15 - fuel pump relay; 16 a fuel pump motor; 17 a knock sensor; 18 an oxygen sensor; 19 an air flow meter; 20 a fault detection socket; 21 - valve fuel pressure increases; 22 an air injection system valve; 23 an engine electronic control unit (ECU); 24 an engine warning light detection; 25 a coolant temperature sensor; 26 a throttle position sensor; 27 point fire coil; 28 point fire module (electronic components); 29 a distributor (22R-E engine); 30 A contact-type distributor (22R engine); 31,40 a - anti-interference filter; 92 a speed sensor; 113 a brake light switch; 69 a combination of dashboard 6C terminal (tachometer); 69-7D - four-wheel drive indicator light