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12v dc motor controller circuit

2015-03-01 09:44  
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Often we need to use DC Motor 12V. But it is not easy to control. We see the deployment, a wide range of speed control, turn on-off, etc.

DC Motor drive
DC motor controller
DC motor controller diagram

12V DC Motor Speed Controller by IC 4011This is circuit 12V DC Motor Speed Controller by IC 4011..It is easy circuit and easy to build Low cost too.VR1 for control speed DC motor 12V. …..

Simple DC Motor Controlcircuit was built to operate a small motor used for opening and closing a pair of curtains. As an advantage over automatic closing and opening systems, you have control of how much, or how little light to let into a room…..

12V DC motor for Cassette tape speed controlReverse engineered circuit diagram of a motor speed regulator out of a line powered Cassette dictation machine containing a single heafty motor for all functions. This circuit works amazingly well, keeping the motor speed constant regardless of shaft load.
Unmarked didoe are silicon so use 1N4148…..

PWM 12V DC motor speed regulatorReverse engineered circuit diagram of a PWM motor speed regulator out of an oral irrigator water pump. This circuit works quite well, keeping the speed of the small PM motor fairly constant regardless of load. No transistor heatsink is required since this is a switching regulator. The efficiency under high load would be a improved if the output transistor was made to switch faster. …

Pulse Width Modulation DC Motor Control by 4011Often, people attempt to control DC motors with a variable resistor or variable resistor connected to a transistor. While the latter approach works well, it generates heat and hence wastes power. This simple pulse width modulation DC motor control eliminates these problems. It controls the motor speed by driving the motor with short pulses.,….

DC Motor Control with TIP31Here, S1 and S2 are normally open , push to close, press button switches. The diodes can be red or green and are there only to indicate direction. You may need to alter the TIP31 transistors depending on the motor being used. Remember, running under load draws more current. This circuit was built to operate a small motor used for opening and closing a pair of curtains. ….

PWM Control Speed Motor 12V By TL494This is circuit PWM Control Speed Motor 12V with IC TL494. I See from Idea Circuit by joe (aircraftdesigner) Good Elecronics user. Thank you very much……

DC motor controller diagram with SCR and cmos icThis is speed controller circuit of 12Volt DC motor.You can adjust the speed of rotation of the spindle motor from 5-60 cycles per minute. The work of circuit, The IC1 is nand gate ic type,It accepts the voltage from the bridge diode BD1. But there is no filter to smooth current.The other in the pin 2.The VR1, C1 and R1 is a phase shift or time delay to slow down,voltage from pin 3 to triggers pin the gate of SCR1 to work.Or conductors to the motor, causing it to rotate. Speed of the motor, can be achieved by adjusting VR1. …..

Basic 12v Motor Speed Controllers using 2N3055In this circuit a LM339 quad voltage comparator is used to generate a time delay and control a high current output at low voltage. Approximatey 5 amps of current can be obtained using a couple fresh alkaline …..

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