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Back emf motor speed control

2015-03-03 22:52  
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The use of powerMOSFETsallows a direct interface between logic and motor power, which permits circuit simplicity as well as high efficiency. This speed control circuit can be packaged on a 22-pin, double-sided, 3.54-in. pc board. A 12 V control supply and aTRWBL11, 30V motor are used; with minor changes other motor and control voltages can be accommodated. For example, a single 24V rail could supply both control and motor voltages. Motor and control voltages are kept separate here becauseCMOSlogic is used to start, stop, reverse and oscillate the motor with a variable delay between motor reversals.

Back emf motor speed control  

Motor speed is established by potentiometer R2, which applies a corresponding dc voltage to the input of comparator Ul, whose output is then applied to TMOS deviceMTP8P08(Ql). Zener diode Dl limits the drive to Ql. The output of Ql drives the permanent magnet motor.Backemfis obtained from the motor via the network consisting of R8, R9, RIO, C2, C3 and D3; it is applied to input of comparator Ul.


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