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Basic Radio Control Decoder (ZN414Z)

2015-03-02 19:19  
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moz screenshot 25 Basic Radio Control Decoder
OP-Amp “a” amplifies the incoming pulses from the receiver. This stage
is self biassed and may be connected directly to the output of a
ZN414Z, ZN416E or any other output with between 0 to 6vDC standing
potential. If the output of the receiver is capacitively coupled, has a
standing negative DC potential or is DC grounded then couple the signal
in via a 10nF capacitor and connect a high value resistor (470K – 2M2)
between the two points marked with an “X”. The output of this stage
should be a near perfect square-wave. This square-wave is used to clock
the channel counter and “top-up” the charge of a capacitor.
“b” compares the charge on the “top-up” capacitor. During the 4mS
silent period this capacitor will discharge causing OP-Amp “b” to reset
the counter. Note that the 4017 output 0 is a reset output and the
channel outputs are 1 to 6 (up to 9). The output signal from each
channel terminal is a single pulse which varies from 600uS to 1600uS
depending upon the setting of the encoder channel potentiometer.
normal servo has three wires; Black, Red and White. Black is negative,
Red is 6vDC and the white is the pulse input from the receiver.
Servo’s normally draw 300mA to 500mA which may disturb the recever. If
this is the case then feed the DC supply to the servo via a 10 ohm
resistor and feed the receiver DC supply via a diode and connect a
470uF accross the receiver supply.
source: http://radio-control-schematics.blogspot.com/2007/07/basic-radio-control-decoder.html