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Connection Diagram of AC Control SSR

2015-03-01 21:32  
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This is an Application note i used to give with my ssr – app011.pdf – Ananth

SSR or Solid State Relay or Electronic Relay

This is a Thyristor Based Normally Open 230V Switch that can be turned on / off at a fast rate. This switches at Zero Crossover .Built In Snubber reduces EMI and protects the SSR. USE SAME PHASE FOR I/P & O/P.

AC-AC SSR Wiring

No moving parts hence no wear and tear.Dissipates Heat when in On Condition.Use adequate Heat Sink or SSR will fail. ( 10g / Amp)Dissipation is 1.5 Watts per Amp thru Load.Input to Output is optically isolated 2kV.This one is AC 230V Control AC 230V N.O. Output.Off state snubber Leakage is around 5 mA.

Notes -

The Termination’s of High Current Lines going to Load must be very tight and crimped. Loose contacts will Spark and cause Fire.

Fuse Rating of HRC Fuse – High Rupture Capacity (HRC) Fuse is Safe and Reliable. 5kW Heater at 230V is 5,000 / 230 in Amps of Fuse Rating.

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