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Infrared Remote Control Decoder

2015-03-03 23:37  
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This is a infrared Remote Control Decoder circuit. This circuit uses the SAA3049A which is used to check and convert the received coded data (RECS80/RC5) into latched binary outputs. We can uses several device in one location because the device address can be hard-wired for a particular address. The output of this device are the received data and address. Here is the circuit:

Infrared Remote Control Decoder circuit schematic

This device has several feature such as it is suitable for low SAA3049A and low voltage supply current applications, it can accept RC5 codes with bi-phase transmission (SAA3006, SAA3010) or RECS80 codes with pulse position modulation (SAA3004, SAA3007, SAA3008) and it can Decodes 64remote control commands with a maximum of 32 subaddresses. Besides that a maximum commands of this device is up to 2048 by adding? circuitry for binary decoding, for example 1-of-16 decoder (HEF4515). [Source: NXP Application Note]

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