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Input protection circuit of broadband strain signal conditio

2015-03-02 19:06  
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Input protection circuit of broadband strain signal conditioner 1B31
In the industrial field measurements, the 1B31 is needed to be designed input protection circuit to protect input end from instantaneous short-circuit and damage caused by 220V AC power accident. Input protection circuit is shown in the figure. It selects FDH333 diode with high conductivity and low leakage current, and 1N963 voltage regulator tube forms bi-directional parallel input limiting circuit, the input voltage can be clamped to a ± 12. 5V range. FDH333 average rectifier current is 200mA, reverse voltage is 125V, reverse-leakage current is only 1nA, maximum pressure drop can be up to 1. 0V, junction Capacitance is 6. 0pF.