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LM3911 Basic Temperature Controller Circuit and Datasheet

2015-03-01 19:31  
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The LM3911 Basic Temperature Controller Circuitis schemed in the diagram below. With features such temperatureLM3911 temperature controller circuitsensor, stable voltage reference and op-amp in a single monolithic chip, IC LM3911 provides a highly temperature controller device.

Instead of this basic temperature controller circuit, LM3911 can be circuited to be such these typical applications i.e Proportioning Temperature Controller, Basic Thermometer for Negative/Positive Supply, Temperature Controller With Hysteresis, Thermometer With Meter Output, Electronic Thermostat, Differential Thermometer and more.

Get and see full pdf document to see those typical applications of thistemperature controller devicein the LM3911 datasheet (source: national.com)